Binlion Genuine Leather and Frosted Auto Bucket for Men

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these are really nice looking belts. I like mine a lot. However, when I went to take it off for the first time I found that if you put it on and pull it TOO TIGHT you will have a heck of a time getting it off. When you put it on, pull it snug enough to do the job but not TOO TIGHT. I thought I was going to have to cut the belt to get it off. However, I managed to take the buckle apart and got it off and now I'm careful give it room enough to move far enough to unbuckle.

13/07/2016 Color:Black
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I bought this for my father as a stocking stuff. Let me start off by saying that he hates belts. In fact, he loathes them. He might have a small collection of these fashionable accessories, but there is probably an internal battle each time he goes to pick one up. His deep rooted hatred stems specifically from belt holes and the way they stretch over time--unsightly ruiners of leather. As any good kin would do, when I saw this sliding belt I figured that it would be a low-cost gamble for a change.

12/07/2016 Color:Brown
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