Binlion Business Men Belt

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This is a great belt and it's good looking and it works great. I don't see how people were getting stuck and having a hard time figuring out how to release the the mechanism which took me a whole three seconds to figure out. That's why there is no instruction because it's not needed. Try to figure it out before you put it on. I now know that I picked the right one because this is a really good looking belt. I just love how this belt works, no need to add an extra hole if you need a smaller size and no hole to rip open.

12/07/2016 Color:Brown
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This is a well made belt for the money. Not very costly. Some what harder to release catch than I like. Release lever smallish and a little hard to operate. A little re-thinking of th e release might help.

10/07/2016 Color:Brown
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